The Process was seamless and very clear....

The process was seamless and very clear. The quilt came out perfect and I will undoubtedly refer friends & family your way. Sean, CA

The quilt is way beyond my expectations....

 The quilt is way beyond my expectations. I had heard about t-shirt quilt companies about 5 years ago and had procrastinated. Had a box hidden in the closet with some of the shirts for years. Then my friend e-mailed me your web-site which was so enticing that I acted immediately. When i received it I photographed the quilt and sent the photo to all my friends and family and the photo is the wallpaper on my computer. I am really enjoying it. Thanks for great service and a great product. Robert, IL

These quilts have become a family tradition...

Ginnie, CT These quilts have become a family tradition at graduation-high school, then college--each and every one is anticipated with excitement and each one is loved and used extensively--they are rugged, easy to care for, and fun, but more than anything, they tell a story over and over again--like having a memory box with you all the time-Thanks!

Customer service was amazing. Prompt replys. Quality was outstanding. The kindness your staff shows is top notch. Would highly reccommend this company to family and friends. Lisa, PA

I cried when I opened the finished quilt! 

I cried when I opened the finished quilt! We are giving the quilts to our teachers for teacher appreciation and I can only imagine their reaction. Thank you so much for making this so special for us. Shannon, NC


I ordered a quilt for my husband when he was promoted to Luitenant Commander in the Navy. Each square of the quilt was a t-shirt, a uniform front, or a pair of sweat pants from a different command he was stationed at. He hung it in his office. He was really touched by the gift and I was soooo relieved when I saw how beautiful it was. Everyone he shows it to thinks it's awesome. You all did an excellent job! I didn't realize I could check the status online so I kept calling to make sure it was on track (I had a rush order). Whoever it was answering the phone was very patient and professional with me. I am extremely impressed with your company and your craftsmanship. Everything was done to my specifications and done better than I imagined. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU!!!! Carol, CA

This quilt is EXCELLENT...

This quilt is EXCELLENT, I love it and it is a great way to enjoy all of my college shirts that were sitting in the closet. This is well worth the spend, they have great communication and very good follow-through. Melissa, TX

The quilt turned out great! 

The quilt turned out great! My daughter is thrilled that there was a way to preserve so many of her memories - grade school thru college - in one wonderful quilt! Robn, IL

I was very pleased with my purchase....

I was very pleased with my purchase. The quality and care of the product is excellent. Your company offers a very unique service that is greatly appreciated. Thank You. Tina, GA